Suffering For Art

Tonight I finally got the thing-a-day posted before 12a Eastern!  I decided I wanted to do a dinosaur.  I was all geared up to run back to Wally*World to see if I could get some rose art modeling clay.  I know I want to do something like that during this challenge.  But I decided instead to draw a little caricaturesaurus-rex.  Then I wanted to color it.  Then watercolor it.  Well, the paper was in no way the right kind of paper for that, but I couldn’t be bothered with such trifles.  I was having too much fun.  I really like what’s going on from the lower jaw down.  Actually, it’s the snout I’m really not happy about.  Girl2 and I have decided to redo this on 22″x28″ poster board with poster paint.  OK, she’s three.  I want to redo it that way and she excitedly agreed with me.  Rest asured that when we do, you’ll see it here.

My adoring wife expressed her concern with my lack of sleep over the last few nights.  She said that she thought it might be a bit much to do the blog, the thing-a-day and the EDM challenge all at the same time.  She says that it is keeping me up until 2 and 3 in the morning.  I laughed and explained that I was usually done with all of this by 11:30pm.  The reason I’m up so late is due to all the other people’s work I’m watching.  I’m subscribed to 50+ blogs, including thing-a-day which is a blog of blogs!  Now that’s suffering for art.

On the EDM front, tonight’s challenge was to draw my foot.  I know these challenges were originally meant to be weekly challenges.  The 20th challenge was supposed be in honor of Father’s Day.  That would put this on in June or July.  As it is now, it’s February.  It’s cold.  I’m not taking my boot off to draw my foot.  In February, you get a booted foot.  After I have finished all 208 of the challenges, I think I will start over with ink and watercolor.  When I do, I’m puting all of the NUDE challenges in the summer.

EDM 23: Draw your foot

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  1. Ah, the old finding a balance trick. It’s not easy, especially as one gets more involved with blogging. I guess the biggest thing for me is to ask if what I am doing brings life, inspiration, or is it taking away from those things in my life and my own creation of work. When it becomes a matter of being sure I “get it done in time” something wrong and I’ve become a slave to what should be serving me. In my case (just saying in my case) I signed on for TAD and then realized it was the one more thing that was one more too many so I haven’t followed it. It’s a good thing and as people use it to be inspired and create it’s a great thing. Keep drawing and thrive! :)

  2. Yes the balancing act. Family vs Art vs Work vs Social Stuff vs Sleep. No shock I’m sleep deprived.

    Nice perspective on the boot, especially the folds in the denim.

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