Sea Monkey Rodeo

Sea Monkey Rodeo

My very first upload to  While traveling down a highway on the way to Sunday dinner at my grandmother’s, we were passed by one of those incredibly expensive horse trailers.  If you’ve never seen one, a family of six could live comfortably in this thing.  Girl2 innocently asked what it was and my beautiful young bride told her it was a trailer for show horses.

“SEA HORSES!?!?!” squealed the child.

Mommy tried to explain “Show Horses” but it was too late.  Girl2 and I were already making up a story about the sea horse rodeo.  How the merpeople had a coral corral and sea monkey barrel racers.  Thus the inspiration for “Sea Monkey Rodeo”.

Also, they say that if you do something everyday for three weeks, it becomes a habit.  Today is day 21 of my edm challenge.  Today, the challenge was to draw something old, antique, or vintage.  My wife suggested a self-portrait, hateful woman that she is.

I guess the truth is that if you have ever bought one of these new, then you too, my friend, are vintage.

EDM 21: Draw something old, antique or vintage.

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  1. Hey now. Careful with those ‘vintage’ comments! Not only have I bought these new, I still have hundreds of them sitting in storage. I can’t bear to part with them for some reason, even though I’m sure they’re virtually unlistenable after so long.

    Seriously though, nice sketches. Keep up the daily habit; you’re an inspiration to us all.

  2. I’ve not only bought one of those new, I’ve bought it’s big fat 8-track predecessor new and EEK, a 45 record new as well… that’s how I bought my first ‘Beetles’ songs, on 45 records… me and my vintage grey hair will be watching you now.

  3. Oh my stack of 45s was truly impressive! For about five years straight I listened to Rick Dees’ Weekly Top 40. Then I would run out and buy whatever was in the top 10 if I didn’t have it. 100s of em!

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