I Need To Get Out More

Every other weekend we try to go ” t’th city*” to visit the in-laws.  I’m almost guaranteed to end up at the Barnes & Noble coffee shop on Saturday night.  I get a lot of backsides this way.  I keep hoping to get around to some of the other sites, but it always ends up with us struggling  to meet some deadline.  The days are getting longer and it is warming up so maybe in the near future we can all go someplace to sketch and play.  Tuesday, I think the Oklahoma Artists Guild is meeting for figure drawing.  Watch me get stuck drawing backsides there too.

The EDM challenge was to draw bread.  We went out to this neat little chain restaurant, Mimi’s Cafe.  We like the food, the service and the muffins.  Of course with all of us on diets, it was more like one muffin split among six people.  They bring out a basket of different breads while you are waiting for the meal.  While I was chowing down on something scrumptuous with cocoa and raisins, I sketched this little roll.

EDM 83: Draw some bread

* T’th city is “To The City” where the city is anywhere directly or even indirectly connected with Oklahoma City.  This could be Norman, Moore, Mustang, Yukon, Midwest City, Del City, Edmond…  While they all operate autonomously, they’re all the same to me.  Often you will hear it as “upt’th” city.

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