When Pigs Fly

Swine Flu

Zhuzhou Swine Flu

It’s time once again to post my response to the Illustration Friday theme.  This week’s theme is Contagious.  What with all the headlines surrounding the Mexican Swine Flu, I have to believe this is what the submitter had in mind.  I’m also willing to bet that of the hundreds of submission to Illustration Friday, my flying pig will just be one of many.

brain storming

brain storming

I believe a creative mind is just like a goldfish.  Feed it too little, or too much, and you’ll find it floating in the tank.  I spend about five minutes brainstorming these challenges.  I don’t try to think to much about it because it would be very easy to let myself be overcome by indecision.  To many ideas, second guessing and letting doubt creep in are the killers of creativity.  If you’ve ever had a deadline slip by you because someone just couldn’t make up their mind, then you know exactly what I’m typing about.  For this challenge, I set a specific amount of time for deliberation, five minutes.  After than, I grab the one that I think best conveys the theme.  If I am unhappy with the results, I can start over.  Usually, however, there will be at least two that I end up weighing against each other.  I think that if I had gone with the pig in the tie you might have confused the theme for “Men.”

i want to order clomid EDM 119: Draw a flashlight



When I went to Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) training, at the completion of the course the instructor handed out these nifty keychain LED flashlights.  They are just the right size and REALLY bright.  The only problem is that they click “on” in your pocket.  Then when you need it, the batteries are dead.  I find it easier just to keep a fresh supplie of batteries around because this flashlight is perfect for the inspections I do.

6 thoughts on “When Pigs Fly

  1. Made me laugh! I now have a bird, turtle, elephant and a pig that flu in my favorite collection. I also agree that too much thought clouds creativity. Given too many choices the project looses its originality and then becomes a chore.

  2. I agree about not spending too much time thinking about a project or idea. When I’m making jewelry, if I don’t have an idea within 5 minutes or so, I end up sitting there, staring at my beads for an hour and still end up leaving the table without having made anything. So I’ve done the same thing. I’ve given myself a time limit, and if I haven’t come up with anything by then, I walk away for a while and clear my head.

    I’ve seen too many things “attempted and failed” because the person is trying to force an idea that just isn’t there yet.

  3. I love the simple and pleasurable illustrations too, mom. Usually the ones that are your favorites, are the ones I have printed and tacked up around my desk.

  4. Sylvie! I’m so glad you stopped by. Thank you for your comments. I think there’s a general consensus that forcing ideas is never a good thing and it usually makes you resent what you’re doing.

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