It Figures!

EDM 120: Draw some coins EDM 120: Draw some coins

buy modafinil fast After two weeks of being rained out, I’m wondering if I’m ever going be able to make it back to figure drawing group.  I missed it this week also because of some ugly personal business, so you know I’ll be scrounging for something to put online for next week.  Maybe I can get my beautiful young bride to pose for me.  I have heard many complaints that there weren’t any pictures of her online anyway.  One of the great many things I enjoy about my lovely wife is that she is addicted to all things shiny.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a diamond ring or an alluminium wrapper from a stick of gum, if it’s shiny she likes it.  I’ll refrain from making any Crow or Bird Brain references here.  Tonight’s EDM challenge, draw some coins, got me thinking that maybe she would pose for me if offered her these shiny coins.  I wonder what a roll of dimes would get me.  Eat your heart out, people, that only works for me.

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