When All You Have Is A Hammer…

It’s funny to me that today’s EDM challenge would be to draw your favorite tool.  I wasn’t exactly sure how to draw cynicism or sarcasm, or even wit.  Those are the tools that I use the most to pound through my day.  My beautiful young bride just yesterday said to me, “When all you have is a hammer, the whole world looks like a nail.”  Well, she didn’t actually *SAY* it.  Some character on television said it and she pointed at me and hollered, “AMEN!”  As I innocently stared at her, deer in the headlight eyes and all, she proceeded to explain to me that I am so accustomed to being mistreated by people that I am suspicious of anyone being nice to me.  She went on to suggest that I find some new tools with which to challenge the world so that I would quit beating the same dead horses.  I let her rant on for a few minutes until she took a breath and I said, “I’m sorry, Baby, you’re right.”  This is the sarcastic phrase I use to signal that I’m not going to argue with her and that we should skip straight to the “making up.”  I may indeed need to find some new tools, but today, I’ll stick with the hammer.

EDM 16: Draw a favorite tool

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