Just What Makes That Little Old Ant…

…think he can move a rubber tree plant.  I learned that song from Laverne & Shirley.  My wife says I’m old for knowing the lyrics.  I told her that men grew more distinguished with age.  She laughed.  Not a cruel, insulting laugh, mind you.  No, she laughed the laughter of incredulity.  Shocked that not only did I say such a thing but that I actually believed it.  OK, maybe it was a little insulting

The rubber tree plant song came up because I decided I would draw her banana tree plant for tonight’s EDM challenge: Draw a tree or branch.  We couldn’t decide if it was a banana *TREE* or a banana *PLANT*.  That’s when I started singing the song, reminded her that trees ARE plants, and swore to hereafter refer to it as a “Banana Tree Plant.”

EDM 15: Draw a tree or branch.

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