We'll figure it out

disgruntledmanequinI’m so desperate to get back to figure drawing group!  I had no idea how addictive it was.  For the last three weeks it has been rained out and this week is the Colored Pencil Society of America meeting.  I’ll let you know how that goes next week.  In the mean time, I will continue to play with my disgruntled manequin.

The Everyday Matters Challenge is still going on.  I continue to work on them every day.  I am getting a little ahead of the site, though, so that I may cut back on the late nights and the time away from the girls.

Girl2's Sketchbook

Girl2's Sketchbook

Speaking of the girls, Girl2 decided she wanted to be just like Daddy when we went to the zoo on Memorial Day.  So, a quick trip through Wal*Mart and she has her very own, personalized sketch book.  Now she can sit and draw with me when we go out.  How cool is THAT? ;)

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