Cracked! I tell you what, a three day weekend will really throw off your schedule if you let it.  I have spent this entire weekend planning to get things done, but not near enough getting them done.  It has been a GREAT weekend, though.  I set up for a new painting that I might even get around to finishing some day.  I visited with family and some old friends.  We had a trip to the Zoo.  And I did eventually get the yard mowed.  I’m almost ready to get back to work so I can get some rest.

It is once again time for Illustration Friday on Tuesdays here at The Artistic Biker.  This week, the theme is “Cracked”.  While thinking about this, I was watching The Land of the Lost marathon on the Sci Fi channel.  That made me think about the dino egg I drew for Thing-a-Day back in February.



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