Weekly Roundup 07OCT2012

The Art

Candlelight Red Naked Ladies Big Rooster

I’m really into the bright colors and close up point of view right now.  I can never seem to turn a camera on while doing one of these.  It always turns out that I’m sitting there trying to decide what I’m going to paint, and then suddenly I’m painting.  Once I decide what I’m going to paint, these are usually done in just a few hours.  Wacky.


The Easels

Every week, I ask for submissions for The Artistic Biker Live! “What’s On Your Easel” feature.  In this case, your easel is wherever you create, whether its painting, drawing, practice, sculpting, any of the visual arts, or photographs of your culinary and performance arts.  The submissions will go here.  If you would like to submit something, send me a photo of it to blade@artisticbiker.com, or tweet it to me @bladetheartist.


Daddy/Daughter Breakfast

Sadly, this week’s Daddy/Daughter Breakfast didn’t happen.  We stayed up until 1am, unheard of for a 7 year old.  Girl2 didn’t even roll out of bed on Saturday until 10 and then it was time to leave for her soccer game.  She has an early game next week too, so we probably won’t get to go then either.  That’s the ONLY thing I dislike about her playing soccer.


The Video

The Opening


This week’s video is a slideshow presentation of just some of the work involved in getting the studio opened.  This was a lot of work and I can’t thank everyone enough for all of their encouragement along the way.  There is still a lot of work to do, but getting open is a HUGE achievement.  Thank you all so much!

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