U-stream and Podcast Update 19AUG2010

This week I’ll be talking with Juriaan, a freelance artist in Seattle, WA.  ”Jay” and I will be discussing the importance in a strong drawing foundation in ALL of the arts and how to get there in your daily practice.  Also, this week there will be a drawing for membership in Leslie Herger’s Old Skool Drawing Class.  Be sure to check out The Artistic Biker Live! every Thursday 7-9pm U.S. Central time.  http://www.ustream.tv/channel/the-artistic-biker

Upcoming events on The Artistic Biker Live!:

19AUG2010 Juriaan The Viking will be joining us to discuss quick drawing techniques that can easily applied anywhere, and life as a professional artist!

26AUG2010 Ricë Freeman-Zachery will be joining us discussing her amazing textile works, sewing, and meeting great people even in West Texico.

Podcast Update:

For the last few weeks I have been struggling trying to pull usable audio out of the ustream broadcast so that I could publish the interviews here as a podcast.  THAT seems to take a lo-oo-ong time.  I will have to figure out another way to do it if I’m going to get all of these recordings online in a more timely manner.  But, after the long wait, here is the interview with the Journal Girl herself: Samantha Kira!

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