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Hello peoples, and welcome to Monday!  Last week on The Artistic Biker Live!, I interviewed Dawn Sokol, the author of Doodle Diary: Art Journaling for Girls.  We had a lively discussion of the importance in keeping youth interested in the arts and how the marketing people always try to push specific categories.  That’s how this book became a “For Girls” book instead of for everyone.  However, Dawn says she’s not giving up and that she hopes her latest title will seem more inclusive to the guys as well.

We also talked about how doodling is such a simple and effective way to get ideas down onto paper and to get the creative juices flowing.  While we spoke, I worked on this week’s journal page “Out Of My Head”.

Dawn is giving away stuff on her blog,, so be sure and head over their to check it out!

You can see the video for this on The YouTube, or just watch in the embedded player below:

This week I’ll be talking with Juriaan, a freelance artist in Seattle, WA.  “Jay” and I will be discussing the importance in a strong drawing foundation in ALL of the arts and how to get there in your daily practice.  Also, this week there will be a drawing for membership in Leslie Herger’s Old Skool Drawing Class.  Be sure to check out The Artistic Biker Live! every Thursday 7-9pm U.S. Central time.

Upcoming events on The Artistic Biker Live!:

19AUG2010 Juriaan The Viking will be joining us to discuss quick drawing techniques that can easily applied anywhere, and life as a professional artist!

26AUG2010 Ricë Freeman-Zachery will be joining us discussing her amazing textile works, sewing, and meeting great people even in West Texico.

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