True Love

It is only because my beautiful young bride loves me so much that I was able to complete tonight’s EDM challenge after the fashion that I wanted.  You see, it is at the end of March and we have mostly stored our winter clothes.  We have just come through a freak ice storm and it looks like there is another one coming in the next few days.  This lovely woman that I am married to was all bundled up under her red quilt on the sofa.  I needed something “Cold or cool”.  Since my wife is the coolest person I know I decided to draw her.  She wouldn’t come out from under the blanket, and in her words, “I am not taking my clothes off in the living room when it is this cold!”  That sort of makes me look forward to summer.  I was able, however, to peel the blanket back far enough to capture something cold as ice.

EDM 77: Draw something cold or cool

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  1. I have to say, I check your blog daily – I LOVE the way you talk about your lovely wife – and love the humor in your posts…and of course always enjoy your drawings – but you have a real talent with words!

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