Biker Sketcher

On the ride home from work today, sketch kit on my shoulder, I decided to cruise downtown and do something for Urban Sketchers.  I was rocking along with my headphones, painting the federal building, sitting on my bike.  Once or twice I chuckled at what people must think driving by to see the leather clad biker dude playing with his watercolors.  I think I actually sang Jack’s Lament out loud.  Anyway, this was fun.  I think I may try to do all of the buildings downtown.

Tonight’s EDM challenge was to draw a souvenir.  It just so happens that I was at the Buddy Holly Center in Lubbock, TX lately.  I got this pair of sunglasses for Girl1.  To bad she made it out of here this morning without them.  By the way, two of my three babies have now joined the tax paying work force!  Boy1 is working in a custom body shop and Girl1 got a job as a waitress!  I was especially proud when I found out she reported all of her tips.  It’s not easy instilling that kind of honesty into teenager these days.  Brings a tear to my eye.  Or maybe that was just the onions on her uniform.

EDM 78: Draw a souvenir

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