This Old House

I might have mentioned before that I live in a 100+ year old house.  All of the rooms downstairs have at least two doors and each of these doors has this style doorknob on it.  Houses of this age were designed so that you could open all the doors and windows and get a good breeze through the house in the summer.  Or you could shut and lock certain rooms off to help contain heat in the winter.  You would think with all of this concern over heating and cooling, they would not have had 10.5′ ceilings and 6.5′ tall doors!

Tonight’s EDM challenge was to draw a doorknob.

EDM 56: Draw a doorknob

For the record, either put us on Daylight Savings Time and leave it, or quit having DST altogether.  Either way, leave our time alone!  …stoopit daylight savings time… stealing an hour of my sleep!

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