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My wife and I were having a pretty serious conversation about Love the other night.  Not the “partner” kind of love, but love in general.  Love as a sincere desire for the well being of everyone and everything.  Oddly enough it began as a discussion of Boy1, Girl1, and “The Prodigal Son”.  Ultimately, no matter how foolishly, selfishly or maliciously the son behaved, the Father never stopped loving him and celebrated his return.  The love that is genuine can’t be killed by temporary acts, and it is all temporary.  Jesus walked from town to town trying to convince people to temper their lives with love.  As a matter of fact, if you read the bible stories through that filter, you can find that all of them are about how someone tempered their decisions/actions with love and became a great success.  Or the story is about how they did not let love in their life, and failed miserably.  Hold your neighbors and all of creation as dearly as you do yourself.  This was the Buddha’s message also.  Everyone and all things are worthy of the same value you place upon yourself.  I sincerely try to live my life in accordance with this principle.  I very often fall far short of the mark, but I do try.

That said, tonight’s EDM challenge was to draw something or someone I love.  Do you have any idea how scary it is to take your hand off the throttle and take a picture at 80 m.p.h. on a motorcycle?

EDM 55: Draw something/someone you love

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  1. That’s a nice drawing. I really like the writing with it. It’s definitely something to ponder.
    I really hope you didn’t take that picture:/ That sounds incredible scary. Look forward to seeing more of your work/writings.

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