The Artistic Biker Does A Complementary Sunset

I did a complement value chart during the $2 Tuturial portion of the broadcast that left us with a cool Yellow and Violet pallet to play with. I was inspired to paint a sunset. Materials are my art Journal made of used paper grocery sacks, Sargent Art’s liquid acrylic student paint deep spectral violet, The Fine Touch acrylic Yellow Med and Black, Master’s Touch Fine Art Studio Acrylic Titanium White, I use Kilz as gesso, and a satin Krylon clear coat. When dry, I’ll apply Turtlewax Spray Wax to keep the pages from sticking together.


Sunsets have their beautiful colors because the short blue and violet wavelengths filter out in our atmosphere. Sunsets on Mars are blue. Discover News has a video about it here:

Watch the extend play, without the paint drying over @YouTube:

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