Technical Difficulties II

First, I would like to thank L33t5k33t3r or l0nlyT33n or whatever his nick was for hacking my site.  It’s always impressive when you can break someone’s nonsecure website and screw around with their hobby.  You reminded me of an old joke:

Jesus and Satan were arguing as to who was the better computer programmer.  The argument got so heated that God stepped in and decided to settle things with a little competition.  “I will give you each a program to write.  After three hours, whichever of you has the most done will be consider the greatest programmer of all times.”  Jesus and Satan took their seats and when the harp strung, they started.  With fingers flying across the keyboards, they were neck and neck.  At two hours and forty five minutes, God cut off the power.  When He restored the power, Jesus whipped in a few keystrokes and finished just as the three-hour harp chimed.  Satan was furious.  He screammed, “Jesus cheated!  There’s no way he rewrote that entire program in just that few minutes!”  To which God replied, “No.  Jesus saves.”

I haven’t been updating or backing up my site as I should have been, and I would like to thank you for reminding me to do so.

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