Spring Jam


buy accutane safe Some very dear friends of ours open their home twice a year for a musical gathering.  I’ve been twice now to the one they refer to as “Spring Jam”.  One can only assume that means the other is “Fall Jam” but I’ve never been to that one.  I think it has to do with alcohol and it taking them a year to forget what I’m like.

First, let me tell you that I suck on guitar.  I know fifteen chords, can play almost half of them clearly, I play one fingered, and I have a capo.  Someone once said that if you use more than three chords, you’re showing off.  As it is, these people allow me to sit in with some extremely talented musicians.  This year they even let me take the lead. After they played Delta Dawn, I decided I could lead with One Tin Soldier.

This is when I learned a valuable lesson about drinking Captain Morgan’s & Dr. Pepper through a straw.  One minute you are completely sober, you know your limitations on the guitar, and you’re fully dressed.  The next minute, not so much.  By the end of the session, I was hollering for Jesus Christ Superstar and I Am Woman.

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