Saturday Sketchbook Vol 1, No. 1

sketchbooksVol 1, No 1!  How’s that for pretentiousness?

Daily sketching is the secret to great drawings.  I have been told that over and over and never paid much attention to it.  I always just wanted to be able to draw.  But just like piano, guitar, golf, and kissing, you have to do it often to get better.

On Saturdays, I will post my sketches for the week.  Maybe this will encourage me to sketch more than just the EDM challenges.  This week, I managed to throw together two quick WC sketches at the Festival of the Arts in OKC.

EDM 106: Draw where you get your news

EDM 106: Draw where you get your news

For EDM 106, draw how you get your news, I couldn’t decide whether to draw my computer, my TV, or what to represent BBCA.  So I drew the cable listing.  I don’t know how they are with British news, but they don’t seem to have the same extreme views of American news that all of the American news sources have.

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