Friday Critiques


EDM 105: Draw something tart

Last week, while we were still over at The Small Town Big Life, I sent out some e-mail to artists whom I admire asking for critique.  I received a lovely letter from Jeanette Jobson of The Illustrated Life, and I am going to share that with you on Monday.  I talked my beautiful young bride, the art teacher, into working up a lesson on Pushing the Darks.  Jeanette’s letter goes perfectly with that.  Anyway, it got me thinking that I want to have a permanent feature where I chat with another artist to discuss art and life in general, and then we would critique a couple of each other’s recent works.  The first person I asked this of was Jeff Knecht of Jeff’s Blog.  Jeff and I share a similar background in that we both were “sketchy” when we were kids, but made decisions to set that aside and chase the corporate dream.  We have both rediscovered our art through the Every Day Matters challenges.  We have both been noticing a major impact because of it.  Anywho, Jeff and I are discussing exactly how we might accomplish such a thing and how often we would want to do it.  Hopefully we can get something going and have the results here and there for you by next Friday.

If you would like participate in one of these critique sessions, contact me and we’ll set it up.

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