Over the Rainbow

Our storm shelter

Our storm shelter

Last night, the TV weather man said, “If you live in this area, SEEK SHELTER NOW.”  Then the electricity went off.  That makes blogging difficult, to say the least.  So I thought that I would share with you where we spent most of our night last night waiting for the storm to pass and the all clear.  This is the bath under the stairs.  We sang songs, cuddled and if you look closely you will see the Golf Digest.  Girl2 and I decided that we needed to go play golf.  It kept her very calm throughout the whole ordeal.  I’m hoping to have this happen more often, but without the big scary storms!

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  1. I remember these moments when I lived in the midwest.

    At least you’ve got the absolute perfect set-up (bathtub+central) in the event of a twister/storm/whatever.

    Glad to know all is well.

    And, what a way to reduce the anxiety for your young ones…make Camp-Out dates withOUT the drama of a stormbrew. Outstanding.

    Avia Venefica’s last blog post..Sky Dogs and Horse Helpers

    • Avia, It has seriously stormed here 19 of the last 25 days! If we ever get another night without a storm, we should implement some storm drills and camp-ins!

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  2. Living over in Palestine, TX we had to do this many times! I so fondly remember me and my sister camped out in my mom’s walk-in closet. But my parents weren’t usually there to keep us calm. They would put some sleeping bags and pillows and a phone in there for us, then mom and dad would have to go storm-spotting with the ham radio club to help the local weather-people know when a tornado is coming. We were not allowed out of mom’s closet until we either got a call from them telling us it’s clear, or until they got home.

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