Figure Drawing Rained Out

Dynamic Virtual Poses from Posemaniac

Dynamic Virtual Poses from Posemaniac

Did I mention that I am usually on a motorcycle.  We have had 17 straight days of rain!  That makes it very difficult to get the art supplies from home to the group studio!  Exclamation!  Fortunately, we have these here interwebs.  There is a site that I have recently been playing around with called Posemaniacs.  It’s in Chinese, but google translater will fix that for you if needs be.  There may actually be an English version of it somewhere, but this one works fine for me.  Anyway, as you can see they have male and female muscular figures in 19,440 poses.  You can set a timer and let them rotate through a random slide show at set intervals.  If you see one you like, you can view it statically with the pose viewer.  I have been setting it for 30 seconds and doing ten minute drills.  This is exactly the kind of practice I need for my field sketching.

EDM 117

EDM 117: Draw hair or something hairy

EDM 117, draw hair or something hairy.  Recently, preparations have been in process for my 20th high school reunion.  I have been poring over old photographs and sharing stories with my family.  Mostly, I have been posting embarrassing pix to Facebook.  I graduated in the 80’s so there are TONS of pictures of mullets and bangs.  Guys and girls alike would go through a can of Aquanet every week.

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