On The Refrigerator Louvre…

Many people travel to Paris to visit the Louvre, Rome for the Vatican, New York Museum of Modern Art and the Met, and hundreds of other highly popularized centers of culture and enlightenment.  It is considered a badge of honor for an artist just to be able to say they have visited one of these places, let alone to have studied in one of them, or hanging in one.  For the rest of us, however, there is the Louvre in the Kitchen (LitK pronounced “LIT-ka”).  There,  you can find most any kind of art from creative writing, music and photography to painting and sculpture.  I especially enjoy the magical charms against overeating (Nothing Tastes as good as Fit Feels) hanging next to all of the pizza delivery phone numbers.  The top of the fridge doubles as pharmacy.

Of particular note is the void in the lower left side.  Anything hung here will be knocked off when the Big Dog wanders through with his tail. We have the same problem with the dining room table and any other place to hang or display stuff in his normal path.   He and Girl2 are in a constant battle over this space.  She is the major contributor to the LitK.  He is her primary critic.

Have you ever bought a refrigerator magnet?  I am sure that I have never bought one, but the LitK is covered with them.  When I saw last night’s EDM challenge, draw something with wings, I knew just where to go.  My beautiful young bride has a love of all things “fluttery” that borders on fetishism.  So if it’s angels, fairies, butterflies, or even winged dragons, I can easily find one hanging somewhere.

EDM 89: Draw something with wings

0 thoughts on “On The Refrigerator Louvre…

  1. Love the Fridge Gallery! Looks a lot like mine! I don’t know how people can stand stark clean fridge doors – makes my skin crawl! And I have one of those magnets. . .

  2. Thank you for your kind comments!

    Linda: The question is, did you buy it? I think they spontaneously reproduce.

    Anne: I can’t wait to see yours too

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