On Risqué Buttons…

Today is Good Friday.  No work and no school for us today.  We have been wrestling all morning, tickling Girl2.  Much laughter happens thusly.  Even the big dog got involved sticking his cold nose onto exposed skin when he could.  Days like this are rare and to be cherished.  Especially after hearing the news about Maddie.  Don’t read this unless you are ready to bawl.   I only recently became of aware of Mike’s blog and then to find that they have lost their beautiful little girl!  They have asked those who will to donate to march-of-dimes on behalf of Maddie.

When I saw last night’s EDM challenge, draw a button or buttons, I began chanting, “Button, button, who’s got the button.”  This is one of the many silly things we would say menacingly as we stomped up to the babies.  The babies understood that this meant they were about to be tickled and should begin running if they wanted to get away.  Most of the time, they just curled up into a tight ball under some covers and squeeled.  Then I began singing the Belly Button song from The Big Comfy Couch.  So while my beautiful young bride was watching the last episode of ER on the Tivo, I sketched two buttons.

Right now, I need to go make scrambled eggs and jellied toast.  It’s a tradition when we sleep in.  Girl2 has already scolded me.  “DAD! We’re s’posed to have eggs now!”

EDM 88: Draw a button or buttons

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