On the Past 100 Days…

I have always considered myself to be somewhat creative.  When I was growing up, I always had a sketchbook or modeling clay.  My mother would gather the reams of wasted office paper and bring them to me to make drawing pads.  And my love of office supplies is my fascination with anything that can make a mark.  Somehow, I let life get in my way.  I made the choices that would lead me to college, a career, a steady income and stability for my family.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  I just wish that I had not given up what I loved to do it.  Why, for instance, didn’t I continue to draw, paint and sculpt as a hobby?  Was it the money, the time, or the perception that it was a waste of my effort?  I felt that I should be more focused on the things that would define me as a success.  After my parents retired from their upper management positions, I watched as they went from professional business attire to cutoff t-shirts and flip-flops.  I also watched as the people they considered friends went on with their busy lives and lost touch.  They are comfortable in their retirement, and successful.  But not the kind of success that they worked so hard for all the years I was growing up.  The social status, higher income, nice home and cars, that success vaporized almost instantly.  Better than that is that now they are happy.  They are satisfied with where their life is right now.  They are genuinely happy spending time with each other, their grandkids, and their parents.  My dad has lived every little boy’s dream in that he has been a soldier, mailman, farmer, carpenter,  mechanic, welder, banker, fireman, Ambulance Driver/EMT, and now a policeman.  Seriously, all he has left to do is get aboard one of the next Space Shuttles and he will have fulfilled every position on the actionfigure aisle in Wal*Mart.  My mother quilts, embroiders, reads, plays cards with my grandmother, and runs around doing all the school parenting things with the grandkids that she feels she missed out on with me.  Once again, they have defined success for me.

A few months ago, I picked up my pencils and a sketchbook and started sketching around.  Last year, I even tried to start a sketching class at a local art store.  But it took finding the Everyday Matters challenge to really fire me up.  The concept struck me immediately.  Everday items are important because they make up the imagery of your life.  Every Day Matters because of everyday matters.  So, 100 or so days ago I picked up a 3.5″ x 5″ strathmore sketchbook and a .5mm mechanical pencil and began drawing for just 10 minutes a day, following the EDM list of challenges.  Once I started drawing every day, I didn’t want to stop.  I became involved in projects like the Thing-a-day, and Virtual Sketch Date.  The improvements seen in skill from the first EDM, draw a shoe (shown above) and the 100th, draw a bar of soap(shown left), may be subtle, but they are exciting enough for me to crave more.  I have invited some of my lifelong friends and  some of my new online friends to compare and critique the first images with the last.  I will post those here as they come in.  I am really excited about what the NEXT 100 days will bring.

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  1. Great isn’t it? I came to a conclusion not long ago, that sometimes the ‘sensible’ choice is not the preferred one… and that way too many schools/parents/guidance counselors have a bad habit of steering you to the ‘sensible’ choice :) So little emphasis is placed on hobbies being a good thing too… But congratulations on your 100 days!

    Rachel’s last blog post..Barney Basset

  2. I’ve said it before but I have to say it again – you also have a gift of writing – I have sent the link to your blog to friends who are not artists simply because I want them to read how you write about your wife and family and the way you express yourself.

    I have checked out your blog every time you post it on EveryDayMatters and I’m just about to the point that I want to follow your example and start at the beginning and do every assignment.

    Congrats on your first 100 days!

  3. “Everyday items are important because they make up the imagery of your life.” I love that! I agree with Terri. I, too, check your blog every time you post and thoroughly enjoy seeing your drawings and reading what you have written that day. And yes, there is a marked difference between your first drawing and the 100th. I see much more confidence in the latest drawing. Congrats on your 100 days and I hope to be stopping in at least 100 more :)

    Ann’s last blog post..It all started when

  4. I am so very proud of you, my LOVE! You have set an example for me and Girl2! I am just as guilty about letting life get in the way of my ART. Following your example, I will be an ARTIST again and not just an ART TEACHER! Thank you! but uuummm….quit taking my stuff….;)

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