On The OKC Festival of the Arts…

This was stolen from Adam Knapp's OKC.about.com

This image was stolen from Adam Knapp's OKC.about.com

The Festival of the Arts started in downtown Oklahoma City a couple of days ago.  Wednesday or Thursday would have been an absolute best time to skip work and go.  However, with the strain at both our jobs, taking off right now just wasn’t possible.  Probably tonight, and definitely tomorrow we will brave that crowd.  The girls will have the opportunity see a variety of stage acts, street performers, make pottery and paint, while I gorge myself on gyros, beer, and fresh roasted honey almonds.  I’ve never been able to buy artwork from one of these festivals, because when I see a piece that I truly love, I study it for as long as I can before they run me off or the family drags me out.  I think to myself about how I would do something like that.  Of course, up ’til now I never have.  I have never even done a completed painting.  That will change this year!

There is a whole series of these festivals going on over the next few weeks.  Rest assured there will be pictures, stories and commentary for me to share with you.

I am happy to announce that the majority of the bugs at The Artistic Biker have been discovered.  I see some very late nights between now and Monday morning getting everything worked out.  I would like to thank all of you that went there to help me test.

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