On The Holy Spirit, Yeshua, and Bunnies…

I have spent about two hours studying ancient religions and magikal texts so that I would write this extensive essay on Easter.  The truth of the matter is that I can’t really tie plagues, crucifixions, and fertility rites into a happy tail that ends with Girl2 sitting adorably in the Easter Bunny’s lap.  I just know that everywhere I look there are brightly colored decorations and children running around in chiffon clothing smeared in chocolate.  Whose idea was it to have a holiday that combined children, candy, and expensive clothes.  I guess the plus side is that I get the left over candy.  IF I WEREN’T STILL DIETING!!!*

Last night’s EDM challenge was to draw an apple.  Wouldn’t you know I just ate the last one.  We went to the grocery store yesterday, but we didn’t get any apples.  I had a jar of applesauce I could have drawn.  At 2am, I considered going back to Wal*Mart to draw an apple there.  Of course, it had started raining so I decided not to get out on the bike.  So, once again, I bring you and EDM from a Wet Canvas photo reference.  If you’re not familiar with Wet Canvas, and you’re into art, you really should head over there and see what they have to offer.  It’s a truly great resource.

EDM 90: Draw an apple

*I have lost 48 lbs since December 28th.

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