On Spouselessness…

I’m not really spouseless.  She’s always with me.  However, my beautiful, young bride has left me home alone with the babies for the week.  That means that Girl2 and I will be out raising cane and causing a stir.  WooHoo!  We’re a couple of wild ones with no parental supervision for a week.  Today, for instance, I have stayed home from work so.  We’ll start off with some eggs, OJ and milk, then we’re going to clean the house!  Boy I tell ya, good times.  Whew.

Last night we had the annual family viewing of Jesus Christ Superstar.  It’s part of our Easter tradition.  Of course with the bride packing to leave, Girl1 at work, Boy1 off into the world, that just left me and Girl2.  At 3, she doesn’t quite get it.  But she dances when I sing, and she lets me sing start to finish the whole opera.  My favorite scene is the moment of doubt at Gethsemane.  Ted Neely’s emotional prayer with the images of the classical passion paintings rolling through the background actually brings tears to my eyes.

I waited until the movie was over and the baby was asleep before I started cleaning up.  During the cleaning, I came across this present we bought for Mommy, but never gave her.  It was in a small brown paper sack.  As luck would have it, that was the EDM challenge for the evening.  In bed by 1am and up at 5am to get to the airport.  I am typing while Girl2 climbs on me asking about breakfast.  It will be an interesting day.

EDM 91: Draw a brown paper bag

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  1. I ALWAYS cry during JCSS, every time, never fails. I have the whole opera for piano and I cry when I play it. Love that movie. Have fun!!

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