On Resolute Matters…

The EDM Challenges were originally set out as weekly sketches.  The list of challenges is still growing on the EDM Yahoo Group, and I believe they are up to 217 challenges now.  It’s not surprising that doing them daily causes a certain amount of repitition.  Weekly challenges done daily means the holidays are only eight weeks apart.  Last night’s challenge, draw a New Year’s resolution made me spend some time rethinking my goals.  Like so many other people around the world I see the new year as a jumping off point.  It is a clean slate on which to write your future.  Mistakes of the past can be overcome as another year brings new mistakes to be made.  Losing weight, taking better overall care of myself, and creating everyday are the three biggies that I resolve every year, whether I say them out loud or not.  Every couple of months, the EDM challenge makes stop and refocus on what I want and where I want to be.

One thing of note is that this was challenge 98.  I am almost half way through with the original list of challenges I set out for myself.  When I reach 100 there will be a couple of days of reminiscing and reviewing.  It is shocking to see the progress made from day one to now, and there are still 100 days of challenges left to go.  I will continue to post them daily on Sketching.cc and to the people following on Twitter, but the 100th challenge is a good “jumping off place” for my new web site.  The new site will go “Live” Monday, April 27th 2009 at 12:00 am CDT.  Tune in tomorrow for previews.

EDM 98: Draw a New Year’s resolution

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