On Landscapes…

Some people love landscapes.  They love to view them, paint them, study them…  I am not one of those people.  When I look at a landscape, I am looking at technique.  I look at color usage, composition, the people or lack thereof.  Last night’s EDM challenge, draw a landscape, was not something I would have considered on my own.  One of the largest benefits from these challenges, besides the encouragement to Art everyday, is the push to step outside what you would normally do.  I would never have thought to draw my cheeseburger in challenge 12, or the view from my bike in 55, or even the doorknob in 56.  It forces you to see things all around you as special and worth “arting.”

100_1714Lest you think my landscape is an unflattering view of Kansas, I would like to say that I actually ADDED curvature to the land for points of interest.  Kansas is flat, Baby.  It’s no wonder people think about flying off from Krypton or dropping houses out of the sky.  That wind is solid forever.  Lovely countryside.

EDM 99: Draw a landscape

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