Oklahoma Aquarium

Yesterday, I mentioned the the girls and I went to the Oklahoma Aquarium.  I did these ink sketches while wandering around, and I colored them this evening.  I uploaded them for today’s Thing-a-day.  This is one of those gray areas because I didn’t do the whole thing today, but I spent about an hour adding color…  Maybe I’m reading too much into this.

The EDM challenge tonight was to draw a bicycle, or part of one.  I’m going to have to start looking at these challenges earlier in the day.  When it’s already dark outside, I can’t really go out and draw my bicycle, or even my motorcycle.  So, tonight you get girl2’s tricycle.

EDM 35: Draw a bicycle

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  1. I especially like the detail on the head and face of the turtle. If you have ever just stood still and watched a turtle you may have noticed it being very still and studying you…with an expression on its face just like this one.

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