Brush Pen!

My new Memory Brush Pen came over the weekend!  I have been doodling with it off and on ever since it got here.  As I said in an earlier post, the first thing I have to learn is that when you touch the paper with the brush, there’s a permanent mark.  Unlike a ballpoint pen, it’s a big blobish thing.  I’m really getting a kick out of it, though and tonight I spent about 30 minutes drawing things around the room.  I don’t trust it to not run out of ink, so if I take it out somewhere, I’ll either have to have a replacement ink cartridge, or a backup pen.  Still, I like the character of the lines.

Tonight’s EDM challenge was to draw in public.  I have been drawing in public for years.  I just went to the aquarium to draw.  My bride asked if I couldn’t just post one of those pictures.  I could, but what would be the point?  The challenge is to draw everyday stuff every day.  Besides, I usually use ink and watercolor.  This time around I’m only using the .5mm mechanical pencil with hb lead.  I want to build up my basic drawing skills so I can capture scenes more accurately more quickly.  So tonight I trotted off to Wal*Mart and sketched in the art supply aisle.  “Acrylic Painting for Dummies” seemed appropriate enough.

EDM 36: Draw in public

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