Odhin Joy and I just got back from our evening walk.  We went all the way across town and back.  That’s a total of ten blocks.  We walked right by a crowd of people gathered outside the local YMCA.  We were almost completely past when  a young boy yelled, “Look at that big dog!”  And then everyone turned and were completely startled that a dog that large had just walked past and they hadn’t noticed.  It amazes me how many people go through their entire day on cruise control, completely oblivious to their surroundings.  I know I have.  Now I mostly walk around looking at everything to see what angle would make the best composition, still oblivious to what it may actually be.

Tonight’s edm challenge was to draw a picture in a frame.  I wanted a picture of all three kids together.  Turns out I don’t have any with more than two kids at a time.  I didn’t notice that.  I’ll have to remedy that this weekend.

EDM 58: Draw a picture in a frame

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