When I saw tonight’s EDM challenge, draw headgear, I have to admit I immediately thought of braces.  Having just spent the afternoon with a dental hygienist prying my gums away from my teeth with a metal spike so she could shoot cold water directly on my nerves, dentistry was already on my mind. She did a good job, though and didn’t hurt me as much as most of the other beautiful women in my life.  AND it was way cheaper.

The ride home, however, was a challenge.  As you probably know by now, I sing while I ride my motorcycle.  We had a cold snap come through yesterday.  So, I’m cruising along with freshly cleaned teeth, starting to sing and an arctic blast hits my newly exposed, cold sensitive teeth.  I just hummed the rest of the way home.  As a matter of fact, I ended up having to take a VERY hot bath just to feel functional again.  Just think, in two months we will have triple digits and get to *WISH* for this weather.

EDM 59: Draw headgear

0 thoughts on “Headgear

  1. The hat looks soft and warm, nice job.
    I feel for you, my teeth hurt just thinking about anything but room temperature on my teeth!

  2. The procedure isn’t fun, but the hygienist is a blast!! (At least I think I am, and that’s what counts)

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