I spend about this much time on G+ also

I spend about this much time on G+ also

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why i come in early these days

in doing my best to test the full spectrum of Google+ features, here's my weekdaily agenda that's forced me to head into the office for the past two weeks as much as 2 hours early on weekdays (in this order):

1. check my Twitter timeline in bed (i only follow ~95 feeds, so i've got about 450 tweets queued while i sleep); forward all interesting tweets to Evernote to be later posted on Google+
2. reply to any Huddle conversations in which i'm embroiled (usually sports debates or "what's the plan today?" fare)
3. come into work then check my main Stream, posting/replying to comments, sharing neat posts by others i've got circled
4. review my Sparks feed for content i'm tracking; post interesting things to my Stream
5. reply to my Notifications
6. visit profiles of people that have encircled me and add users
7. review my Incoming stream
8. send out privately-addressed messages
9. compose an original thoughts as posts (within my Stream)
10. repeat Steps 2-9 as necessary, as by this point conversations have spawned conversations.

by this point in my day, i'm about to do my actual job. and i haven't event started playing any of the games yet. ;)

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10 thoughts on “I spend about this much time on G+ also

  1. LOL! Tam, my day job runs in bouts of highly frustrating seriously taxing mental and physical labor and long languid periods of nothing to do but wait for the next panic. Such is the life of a super hero.

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