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The Artistic Biker Does Something Sinister!
Saturday, August 13th, was National Lefthanded Day. @Ikerrilove and @Daleannepotter challenged @journalartista to do her entire show on Saturday using only her left hand. When I saw the tweet, I thought that sounded like a WONDERFUL challenge so I picked up and did it too. During the show, I did the entire page with my left hand, I exposed both my dad and my wife as being bidextral, and we talked about UK rioting kids needing a spanking.

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What’s On Your Easel?

Here are the folks that sent me links to their work for the What’s On Your Easel segment of the show.  If you or anyone you know would like to be featured in this segment, send me tweet or e-mail me with a link to your blog or photo hosting page like Flickr.

The You Tube:

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You can watch the video at The You Tube or in the embedded player below:

Link Lovelies

At some point on The Artist Biker Live!, usually the last ten minutes, we open the links up in the chat for everyone to share and promote their works.  All you need to get in this list is be at the show for more than half of it and post your link when announced, or be in attendance five of the previous eight shows.

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