How Will You Challenge Yourself?

The interwebs are full of personal challenges to grow as an artist, writer, linguist, whatever. Many of my friends work hard on National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). Several of my online friends participated in National Non-stop Journaling Month(NaNoJoMo) back in November. Some of them (you know who you are) are still working on the prompt list. I try to participate in Illustration Friday and the Every Day Matters challenges.

I just found this set of challenges from 2007:

With a brand new year coming in less than a week, in what ways are you going to challenge yourself to grow? If you were to make a list of challenges what would be on it?

0 thoughts on “How Will You Challenge Yourself?

  1. There are a lot of challenges I need to address, but here are the ones with the highest priority.
    1) Become a better friend with my significant other.
    2) Work on becoming a better musician. Just bought fretless bass – must master intonation and be able to take advantage of the unique sounds the fretless affords. Need to learn melody to break out of traditional bass player sound.
    3) Reduce stress at work – don’t overpromise, get others to help (share/mentor/delegate).

  2. Oh yeah, Will I’m with ya on the relationship bit and on the over promising. As for the better musician, hell the trick there is just to drink more. I ALWAYS feel better about my music after a 5th. :)

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