Having Said That…

Does anyone remember almost a year ago to date when Bush fought for, and got a stimulus package passed through congress?  Most of the taxpaying citizens of the U.S. got a check back to help offset high fuel prices and jump start the economy.  Remember how the press accused him of throwing money at the fire?  The biggest argument against this was that people wouldn’t just go out and blow the money, thereby putting directly back into the economy.  No, they argued, the people will use this money to pay down a credit card, pay off an overdue bill, some other sensible practice.  Now, if the general public werelikely to do something like that, would we be in this mess to begin with?  Besides that, even if they used it to pay off an overdue bill, doesn’t that mean that the money reserved for that purpose is now free to buy shoes with?  Does anyone remember three short months ago when the W’s administration was pushing for $750B bailout for the banks, the investors, etc.?  Does anyone remember how the press bashed him for even suggesting that our hard earned tax dollars go to bail out some fat cat, cigar smokin’, oil field, college drinkin’ buddies?

Today, and mind you this is one of the MANY reasons I have quit paying attention to the news, today I log in to the headlines only to find that President Elect Barack Obama is going to save our economy.  What is he doing?  Why, he is asking congress for a $everal hundred billion dollar bail out fund for a stimulus.  I guess having a D at the end of your name automatically makes it a viable option.

EDM 3: Draw a purse or bag

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