Emergency Still Life

I have been walking the walls all day today.  Leaving the house would mean leaving my bride home alone with a cranky, croupy Girl2.  We do a pretty good job as long as we can tag team.  The Bride doesn’t lose patience with the kiddo (much), but she sure can with me!  So, trapped in a house with a sick baby, we caught up on all of the recorded TV shows we have been saving for a rainy day.  Around 2 we decided to sleep the rest of a cloudy afternoon off.

A perfect day.

While the wife had the pumpkin in the bath, I whipped up an emergency still life for Thing-a-Day.  Then I turned around and did my take on the dishwasher for tonight’s EDM: Draw an appliance.

EDM 28: Draw an appliance

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  1. Good for you, taking care of homework :-) Hope the baby feels better soon. I envy babies sometimes, I wish it was ok for adults to scream and cry when they don’t feel good… well sometimes anyway LOL Hang in there, they grow up so fast.

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