Brush Entertainment

So, I was spending some time perusing and flipping through the pages of Russ Stutler’s online “how to sketch” book.  Believe it or not it had never occurred to me to sketch with a brush and ink.  So, tonight I ran to Staples and bought a bottle of ink.  Here’s my first ever attempt.  I could get used to this style.  I like the expressive quality of the lines.  I like how easy it is to change the style with just a slight bit of pressure.  I think I’ll play with this a bit this week.  I would take this on the road if I could make it more portable.  I may have to get me a brush pen like this little beauty here.  That sucker costs the same as my monthly water bill.

Tonight’s EDM was to draw architecture.  My house is over a hundred years old and all the doors open like a race track around the house to let air flow freely when the windows are open.  So, that’s tonight’s architecture.

EDM 29: Draw achitecture

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