Art Journal Fairy Princess

ATT00004This week, I continued playing around with my spray bottle backgrounds, and using spray paints and junk mail to make paper dolls and cutouts for my journal.  I like the crisp definition a cutout brings to the image.  I also like the 3-D pop-out effects like with the flower.  I want to experiment more with pop-ups.  I would like to try my hand at a dinosaur or dragon.  For now, I’m just playing around with flaps.

ATT00007As you can see, in this entry a fairy princess is hiding inside a flower. This gives me all sorts of ideas for spring entries or even a painting or two.  For now, however, I am content to continue working in my journal and creating youtube videos.

ATT00001I bought another webcam and downloaded software that lets me film Picture-in-Picture!  I will have to work on a better way to mount the cameras, though.  For now, they are hanging by wire hangers and guitar strings.  I will continue to make improvements to my video studio because that is the area that I’m most interested in right now.  I would like to create and sell a series of How To videos based on the classes I am teaching at the local trade school.  I will probably have the first of those online after the first of the year.  In the meantime, I will continue to learn this new medium!  You can see the video of this week’s journal entry at or watch it in the embedded viewer below:

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