Art Journal April Fool

This week’s video is a tribute to The April Fool.  I’ve been thinking about a recent post from Connie Hozvicka of Dirty Footprints Studio, who said that you should do what you love in your journal.  A lot of people collage, many stamp and stencil, I love to paint.  Drawing and painting are my main loves so that’s what I decided to do in my book.  Of course I will still be experimenting with different mediums and techniques, but I’ll be sticking with my first love.

During the The Artistic Biker Live!, @Threedot Dave suggested that I use Steve Miller’s The Joker as the song for the video.  I explained to him at the time that as I am now a YouTube partner, I have to be careful with ASCAP licensing.  If you’re not familiar, they manage MOST of the copyright licensing in the US.  Anyway, after having said that, I thought about it a long time.  I decided that’s what I was doing when they invited me to become a partner so why on earth should I change.  ASCAP can bite me.  Of course, if I ever want to profit from YouTube, I’ll have to buy a license, but for now, let’s just have some fun.

You can watch the video on The You Tube, or in the embedded player below:

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