Farewell Thing-a-day

Well, as February officially comes to a close, so does Thing-a-day 2009.  I have had a lot of fun experimenting with different mediums and exercising my creativity every day.  However, it’s time to clean up and move on.  I’ve learned a lot with this challenge.  I will continue to exercise my imagination, but I don’t believe that I’ll be committing to any daily challenges for a while.  At least not until I get all the marker scrubbed off the dining room table.  My beautiful young bride was not pleased.

Twinkle Cab

For the final thing of Thing-a-day 2009, a quick watercolor sketch of Girl2’s strider.  Every few minutes while I was painting, she would run over and very carefully push the buttons.  That makes it play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Do You Know The Muffin Man…

As for my other daily challenge, tonight’s EDM was to draw any previous challenge.  On challenge 33, draw an eye, I did Cinderella’s eye.  Tonight, I thought I’d take a stab at a human eye.  I guess Cinderella was human too.  How about a “Live” eye?  A live eye from an internet photo reference?  Who cares, here’s an eye.

EDM 44: Draw any previous challenge

Apple and a Holiday

Tonight for Thing-A-Day, I decided to experiment with layers of watercolor pencil.  I like the overall effect.  I need to figure out how to smooth out the brush strokes, but I really like the way the colors overlap.

Tonight’s EDM challenge was to draw something “Holiday”.  The next holiday up is St. Patrick’s Day.  My bride has this really cute green teddy bear with a shamrock on the chest.  She also has some of those “antenna” shamrocks.  They looked pretty nice on the bear.

EDM 47: Draw something “Holiday”

Virtual Sketch Date February 2009

It is time once again for the Virtual Sketch Date.  For those unfamiliar, they post a reference photo once a month and everybody does their take on it.  Then we all post our sketches for the world to see both on our sites and on the flickr site.  I tried something different this month in that I tried to draw just by using the shading.  I’m sure there’s a name for it.  I just kind of layered scribbles to produce an image.  I have until Saturday night to finalize, I may try to turn out a couple more versions of this.

Tonight’s EDM challenge was to draw the inside of my medicine cabinet.  We don’t really have a medicine cabinet as much as we have a shoebox under the sink, and of course the top of the refrigerator.

EDM 46: Draw the inside of your medicine cabinet.

Water Pump and a Dog

We live in a 100+ year old house.  At some point, one of the previous residents decided they wanted indoor plumbing.  My studio/office space is a room built off of the back porch to include this water pump.  State of the art, eh?  We find remnants like this all over the house.  My favorite is the closet in Girl1’s room.  They built an access to the eaves into the closet, and hid it with a bookshelf, just like in the old horror movies.  Girl2 has a closet in a closet.  We call that the ugly kid room claiming that was where they shut up their ugly kids when company came over.

A few years ago, a good friend of mine let me dog sit for him while his family moved.  The family and I loved having that great dane, Thor, around.  We decided we wanted one also.  When Thor went home, we drove four hours north in the snow to get Loki Motive.  He was a great dog.  He died entirely too soon.  When he passed, we were all torn up.  We decided to get another dane, but this time we would get him a companion so he would have a playmate while we were at work.  That is how Odhin Joy (pictured) and Miss Chievers came to join our family.  A few short months later we went from having two great dane puppies, to having eight great danes.  Odhin chewed through a wall to get to Chievers.  “I understand”, I told him, “We’ve all been there.” We are down to just Odhin now.  Tonight’s EDM challenge was to draw an animal.  It was either him or Girl2’s gold fish, Nemo.

EDM 45: Draw an animal

I draw dinosaurs when I'm tired

My beautiful young bride and Girl2 stayed with the inlaws for the last couple of nights.  That left me without much incentive to go to bed at a decent time.  Then when I did go to bed, I had too much room.  Tonight, I’ve brought them all home and life is good.  Except that it is 1am and I am still uploading EDM and TAD!

Tonight’s Thing-A-Day is just a quick rendering of a hatching raptor.  I think I want to be a paleontologist when I grow up.

Tonight’s EDM challenge was to draw something china or ceramic.  This lovely tea cup is supposed to have a rose print on it.  Maybe I’ll tackle that the next time I run through these challenges.  I really think that I will continue the Thing-a-day even after the official challenge is over.  And I think that I will run through the EDM challenges again in a different medium.  That’s easy to say when I’m not even a quarter through the first time around.  We’ll see how I feel come August 1st after I have completed the first 200 challenges.

EDM 44: Draw something china or ceramic