Water Pump and a Dog

We live in a 100+ year old house.  At some point, one of the previous residents decided they wanted indoor plumbing.  My studio/office space is a room built off of the back porch to include this water pump.  State of the art, eh?  We find remnants like this all over the house.  My favorite is the closet in Girl1’s room.  They built an access to the eaves into the closet, and hid it with a bookshelf, just like in the old horror movies.  Girl2 has a closet in a closet.  We call that the ugly kid room claiming that was where they shut up their ugly kids when company came over.

A few years ago, a good friend of mine let me dog sit for him while his family moved.  The family and I loved having that great dane, Thor, around.  We decided we wanted one also.  When Thor went home, we drove four hours north in the snow to get Loki Motive.  He was a great dog.  He died entirely too soon.  When he passed, we were all torn up.  We decided to get another dane, but this time we would get him a companion so he would have a playmate while we were at work.  That is how Odhin Joy (pictured) and Miss Chievers came to join our family.  A few short months later we went from having two great dane puppies, to having eight great danes.  Odhin chewed through a wall to get to Chievers.  “I understand”, I told him, “We’ve all been there.” We are down to just Odhin now.  Tonight’s EDM challenge was to draw an animal.  It was either him or Girl2’s gold fish, Nemo.

EDM 45: Draw an animal

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