Apple and a Holiday

Tonight for Thing-A-Day, I decided to experiment with layers of watercolor pencil.  I like the overall effect.  I need to figure out how to smooth out the brush strokes, but I really like the way the colors overlap.

Tonight’s EDM challenge was to draw something “Holiday”.  The next holiday up is St. Patrick’s Day.  My bride has this really cute green teddy bear with a shamrock on the chest.  She also has some of those “antenna” shamrocks.  They looked pretty nice on the bear.

EDM 47: Draw something “Holiday”

0 thoughts on “Apple and a Holiday

  1. Your (her) little oirish ted is delightfully saggy around the armpits, how well you have captured his being.
    Your apple – looks like a Braeburn to me, is good enough to eat.

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