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FINALLY! After weeks and weeks of not being able to go to figure drawing, I finally was able to go! I almost couldn’t believe it when it wasn’t raining *AND* I wasn’t out of town *AND* I wasn’t destitute. So, I will get the work I did tonight uploaded and blog all about it on next Wednesday’s post.

Tonight, in preperation of being out of town for another couple of nights, I spent some time setting up my mobile blog. “MoBlogging” is the only way I post to http://smalltownbiglife.com anymore. For The Artistic Biker, I need a little more control over the appearance. Also, my phone cuts off the post if I try to go back and spell check or edit. Still, this will be handy when I am out and about and just want to share something with my subscribers. Until I get my post updates under some kind of control, this will be a lifesaver while I’m out of town.

This concludes this test of the Emergency MoBlogging System.

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