What do you think of digital stuff?


I have been playing around with the sketchbook on my phablet. I like that it is always with me and that I can just whip it out wherever I please.  My question is, how does it compare to traditional mediums as for acceptence?  I haven’t played with any of them much, but there are a lot of cool features on this app. I can pull up a picture, create a layer, trace and paint the layer, then delete the picture. I can set a light source and introduce shapes like spheres and cones that are pre-shaded so that I don’t have to figure out how that light bends around that object. I can select a color and slide a scale to the perfect hue and opacity, even the size of my brush/airbrush/pen or any number of other implements. And most importantly, I can save at various stages and undo up to ten strokes/steps. I’m having a lot of fun playing with it, but when does it stop becoming art and just cut and paste? Or does it?



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  1. the digital art at first was something I thought to be too far from the “brush”. But as technology has evolved so it seems has the digital process leaving me to think that it may be that this new medium will sustain its place in the art world as long as we artists do not lose ourselves in the process. There is a sort of finger print to the hands on process that I have yet to decide if it will transfer to digital. Although I have played with it somewhat on my, what did you call it, phabulet? It feels kind of out of control so though I may play with it from time to time I can’t see it replacing my messy mediums any time soon. But I want to say that in writing your blog you may have inspired me to use it to capture the ideas I have when paper and pen seem to be missing in my vicinity. Thanks again. You always inspire.

    • I have always said that art is the practical application of creativity. Digital medium could allow a WHOLE lot more people without the training or even physical ability to create the beautiful/scary/thoughtful imaginings they have to share. I’m sure painters originally pooh-poohed photographers because of how easy that seems too. I can tell you that I love being able to whip out my phablet and draw/paint whenever I feel like it. Thank you, Pamela.

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