8 thoughts on “What are your techniques for shaking off a poor attitude?

  1. Depends on what's causing it. If it's hunger, I eat. If It's being tired, I try to do something to wake me up, like the walk. Sometimes it's something you're taking. My ex used to say my mood was always foul when I was taking medicine for my allergies,

  2. Some days, just taking a five minute walk away from things helps. Or sitting down reading a book or getting immersed in some other media for an hour or so as a distraction.

    Then there's the bad days. On those days, I find it best to commit large-scale atrocities, conquer small independent nations, or just choke a hipster on his own damn beard. That last one just about always works for me.

  3. General a good Beating from the Scorpions M/C always helps me purge that Poor Attitude, other wise I give it Large amounts ( like dump trucks full of FLAMING GRANT MONEY) so it can go shopping for art supplies

  4. This will sound trite, but it works. Taks a few moments and count your blessings. Just mentally list off 10 or so. Putting your focus on thankfulness will usually bring you back to center a bit…

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