Weekly Roundup 17MAY2009


My mother loves this elephant. It is a copy of one off a McDonald's cup.

Or a good excuse to sleep in…

Another week in the tubes here at the Artistic Biker!  This was a stormy week!  I mean, dang folks, it has been raining here for 20+ days.  It finally cleared off enough yesterday afternoon and today to get some yardwork done.  If I walked anywhere NEAR the bike, my beautiful young bride was there to smack me.  That’s a joke, folks, she wouldn’t do that.  I feel guilty about that sort of thing all by myself.

To those of you who saw the super-secret thank you page buy following the “donate” link, I can’t thank you enough and I am very glad to know that you are enjoying it.

makingmarksMonday Discovery: Making Your Mark

This week had me comparing writing utensils in my sketching.  I still prefer a brush or brush pen, but the PITT is growing on me.

…For that you either need to sketch with the paint first and wait for it to dry before attempting to outline, or you need a waterproof ink.   The Faber Castell did outstanding in that area.  Better even than a sharpie, and those are supposed to be “permanent”…

I love a parade

I love a parade

Tuesday’s Illustrations: I Love a Parade

Last week’s Illustration Friday theme was “Parade.”  I imagined my kids parading around the house with the dog following.  I had Girl2 put on her rain boots with some props and produced a photo for me to watercolor.

…So I gave Girl2 some pots and pans and asked her to march up and down the hallway banging the “drums.” It took my beautiful young bride 20 minutes after to get the drums away from her and get her calmed back down for her bath…

04Wednesday Figure Drawing: Rained Out

For the last two weeks my trips to figure drawing group have been rained out.  So instead I focused on some drills from posemaniacs.

…Did I mention that I am usually on a motorcycle.  We have had 17 straight days of rain!  That makes it very difficult to get the art supplies from home to the group studio…

Our storm shelter

Our storm shelter

Thursday’s Net Challenge: Over The Rainbow

Thursday night, right after Gary England said, “Seek shelter now,” the electricity went out.  My lovely wife, Girl2 and I spent a couple of hours in close company waiting out the tornadoes.

…This is the bath under the stairs.  We sang songs, cuddled and if you look closely you will see the Golf Digest…

Top of the Drier

Friday’s Critique: Jeff Knecht

Jeff Knecht and I sat at our computers a 1000 miles apart and had a virtual cup of coffee and chat session.  We had a little critique and divided it across both our blogs.  If you would like to participate in a critique, feel free to contact me and we’ll set it up.

Jeff Knecht: I keep thinking I should do that.  I boldly predict that, for example, “march is watercolor month”; and then I pick up a stick of charcoal.
Jeff Knecht:
it’s like the complete opposite of a self-fulfilling prophecy

Blade: LOL.  Or how about when you go to the art store and there’s a new pen, or you discover some way to make a mark you’ve never done before?  I just have to try that.

The old Washita Theater

The old Washita Theater

Saturday’s Sketchbook

On Saturdays, I like to post work from my sketchbooks.  Of course it’s not all the work from my books, but it’s all I think you should see.

…I had a sit down with the old Washita Theater.  The last movie we saw there was Star Wars Phantom Menace.  It was in decline for years before that…

Weekly Mail Bag:

This weeks mail bag was full of about twenty new followers on Twitter.

That’s it for this week. Thank you all and I’m glad you are enjoying The Artistic Biker!

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